February 21, 2007
hooookay. i sweaaaaar, does no one see what the fuck's wrong with this picture?

i'mma freggin slap you if you don't see it.

January 24, 2007
w'suhh homie 8] finally back up. update? yessuh. i'm 17 now! ;D i gots my license! wooooo. i'm going to csun. yay? i'm taking SATs soon. booooo. i got sweeeeeet shoes. woooooo. i plan on getting straight As for once, ever. yeeeeeuh. i broke my ipod :[ it makes my heart cry. i'm gonna get a keyboard :D kEKekKEKek. i'm going broke. makes my heart cry more. & i'm getting sleepy just writing this. PEEEEEEACE.

June 06, 2006
imma bring this thing back. :] i miss it. hahah.
so summer started. but my grades & AP test crap has me all stressed out ~_~ i think i seriously failed that AP test. hahah. i didn't know anything on it. oh well. at least i can drive this summer. SCOOORE. & i'm getting a job too! w00t. at starbucks at vons. hahaha. imma buy myself a new guitar >:]
i'm really actually only doing this to earn money. if you click on the ads, i make money >:] so click click click click. come on, its fun :]

January 06, 2006
HAHA. THIS IS OLD. REALLY OLD. REALLY REALLY OLD. idk. wtf. omg. bbl. kthxbb

November 14, 2005
holllly shiiiiit. this shit's effing old.

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